About Us – Patient Care and Education

Our Patient Care Team is here to answer your questions.

We serve patients in the Bay Area at our Pleasant Hill location, or you can visit our Sacramento location.

Collier O and P practitioners assist patients who have recently experienced a traumatic amputation or have an existing congenital defect. We understand patients may need some education about their prosthetic device, especially if the existing device is not comfortable or working correctly.

hip flexion case study

Hip Flexion Case Study

We encourage you to contact a practitioner and setup a free consultation if your device is causing discomfort or not operating correctly. Sometimes a small adjustment or adaptation can make a huge difference in the comfort and functionality of your device.

Our practitioners have experience with fitting and customizing upper and lower limb devices. You can view a video here of a patient, a trans tibial amputee, who was able to upgrade to an articulating ankle, a vast improvement for her abilities and lifestyle.

Pediatric Prosthetics

Our pediatric practitioners have many years experience that includes extensive work with Shriners Hospitals, fitting and educating children and their families about the mental and physical care for young patients and their prosthetic device.

Get to know our Certified Pediatric Practitioners who are CCS Paneled

The Collier Philosophy:
Patients are our First Priority

The Collier Team spends time listening to our patients and their particular needs in order to provide the most appropriate care. Each patient is unique and they are treated as whole individuals regardless of their limb absence or orthotic need. Just as we take great care to manufacture the highest quality device, we understand that follow-up and continuous care is the key to long term success.

Follow-up contact after each fitting gives the patient opportunity for questions, adjustments and reassurance.


Our practitioners listen to their patients. Whether their issue is short-term, and especially when it is long-term. We want to understand the emotional journey of our patients to better help them with their physical progress.

Patient Education

Our team of certified practitioners take the necessary time to provide each patient with device training. Their many years of experience is a resource for the patient and care team, including family members.


A patient care team includes Collier practitioners, physicians, therapists and family members. Communication among all is vital for the best outcome of the patient.

Collier O and P is a full service Orthotics and Prosthetics facility that has been serving patients in Northern California since 1988. Our certified practitioners have several specialty areas which include Upper Extremity Prosthetics, Lower Extremity Prosthetics, Pediatric Specialty Care in Prosthetics and Orthotics, Sports and High Activity Prosthetics.