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Have you experienced complications of amputation? Collier certified prosthetist practitioners are ready to help you, from the healing process through the fitting and education on the use of your prosthetic device. Collier is also a prosthetic manufacturer – we work directly with our patients and their care team to provide the most suitable type of prosthetic for comfort and their lifestyle.

certified prosthetist working with amputee with q prosthetic arm and handOur Director of Prosthetics, George Villarruel, CP, is a dedicated professional clinician with over 25 years of experience in upper and lower extremity prosthetics with pediatric, adult and geriatric patients. Experienced with fitting patients with different lower and upper amputations whether congenital or traumatic due to cancer, peripheral vascular disease or infection. Levels of amputation may include Boyd’s, Symes, fibular hemimelia, PFFD, hip disarticulation and their appropriate treatment protocols. As an Upper Extremity Specialist, George has worked with myo-electric, hybrid as well as body powered componentry on all levels of prosthetic fitting including trans radial, trans humeral, shoulder disarticulation and interscapularthoracic patients.

“I believe that providing a prosthesis is just the beginning of my responsibility as a prosthetic provider, I am also involved in the education and follow up care of my patients”, says George. He is always eager to learn new methods and philosophies and share for the benefit of the team as well as the success of the patients’ prosthetic experience.

Mikhaila, a trans tibil amputee and patient of George, chose to share her success story here.

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George Villarruel, certified prosthetist

George Villarruel

Bilingual Certified Prosthetists

Bilingual in Spanish, Collier practitioners take great satisfaction in providing Hispanic patients the ability to communicate in their native language about the prosthetic and orthotics process they are experiencing while seeking prosthetic and orthotic care. In order to maximize the functions of complex and sophisticated components, Spanish speaking only patients truly appreciate our experience and ability to explain the operations of their device.

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Ray Diaz, Collier prosthetics practitioner

Ray Diaz