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The Collier Team strives to be unmatched in our specialty sectors

Prosthetic Services

Orthotic Services

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Collier Objective

Our team strives to provide our patients a better quality of life through superior patient care. Our extensive knowledge of industry products and  experience with authorizations can expedite turnaround times as a service provider to patients, physicians and therapist.

Collier is committed to continuing the development of innovative treatments, and continues to be the provider of choice for the third-largest rehab facility in the country.

Collier Patient Care Mission Statement

Through compassionate care and education during the healing journey with a patient, the practitioners at Collier O & P will increase our patient’s function and potential for a positive outcome.

Each Collier practitioner’s goal is to find the best device for each patient. Our experienced prosthetic specialists are passionate about addressing his or her needs throughout the healing process.

Certified Prosthetics Practitioners

Our thoroughly trained and certified practitioners take the time that is needed to listen to your needs and concerns during the fitting process, and will continue to follow your care as your needs change.

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